Watch the mighty McLaren F1 hit 391 km/h

This is still, after 25 years an amazing performance. Seven minutes of absolutely brilliance, when Andy Wallace hit 391 km/h in the street legal McLaren F1.

391 km/h with 670 horsepower, that is still sensational. What a speed run. Gordon Murray did what no one else could, creating this absolute gem of a car.

Victory Motorcycles just got axed

Another great looking Victory you bet it got a lot of attention at MC-mässan in Stockholm. Photo by Johan Åhlund

Let’s just sort this under bikesandbullshit should we? Well, this is a damned shame. Iowa-based Victory Motorcycles is now history. During the last 18 years Victory has made several thrilling motorcycles. But the owner, Polaris has now decided to terminate Victory. They will instead focus on their other motorcycle brand, Indian (remember the Scout from 1920?).

The Victory Hammer at Mc-mässan in Stockholm. Photo by Johan Åhlund

I did really like the looks of Victory motorcycles, beautiful design, high quality, mighty sounding engines and lots of attitude. Models like the Hammer, the Eightball and the Judge are seriously cool.

This is one of the first Victory Motorcycles that entered Swedish soil. And man, it is gorgeous. Photo by Johan Åhlund

But as a matter of fact, I was quite surprised when I read the bad news. Ok, the company has struggled hard to establish the market share needed to be a profitable maker, but I did not thing it was going to be shut down.

That’s too bad, because their bikes were really something special. Certainly not good news for bike fans, and unfortunately the motorcycle business seems to be very unstable right now.

Let’s remember the great Victory bikes and hope for a better future. I will miss them. Perhaps it is time to order one, or just visit the Victory homepage.

Text and photo : Johan Åhlund

Koenigsegg CCR – Ängelholm´s third masterpiece

Koenigsegg CCR in the showroom. This is a mighty car, thats for sure. Photo : Johan Åhlund

This is the Koenigsegg CCR. A true masterpiece in engineering and performance. A Swedish supercar. The CCR was first shown at the Geneva Auto Show in march 2004. It was a new, very exciting supercar with top of the line performance.

When I visited the Swedish sports car dealer and Koenigsegg reseller Callisma at their showroom in Stockholm in 2009, this car was the major star in the showroom. With its intensive orange paint, it sure looked amazing. I don’t remember how much Callisma asked for it, but I could probably sold one of my kidneys on the spot to afford it. You only need one, right?

I recently checked the CCR´s retail price back in 2006. Back then, The CCR was priced at 570.000$. Looking back, a kidney (pickled or not) might have bought me a door handle and with a little luck maybe a Koenigsegg keyring.

The CCR was definitely a better looking car than its predecessor, the Koenigsegg CC8S. Excellent paintwork, flawless interior, lots of creative details and a mesmerizing sound from the 4.6 liter Ford V8. To achieve 806 horsepower (600 kW) at 6900 rpm, the engine is equipped with twin Rotrex Superchargers. Maximum torque is 920 Nm, (680 lb·ft) at 5700 rpm.

The Swedish Koenigsegg CCR packs a mighty punch from the powerful v8. Photo : Johan Åhlund

The CCR made some serious news the 28 February 2005. That day, Koenigsegg set the world speed record at the Nardo test track in Italy. Boy it was fast, it reached 241 mph (388 km/h). Not bad for a Swedish newcomer, it was not far from its claimed top speed of 245 mph (395 km/h). And it literally smashed the former record, of 231 mph (372 km/h) set in 1993 by the mighty McLaren F1. Impressive. And a proof that Koenigsegg was almost as fast as it was claimed to be.

The Koenigsegg CCR accelerates like a spaceship

The CCR is fairly lightweight, weighing in at 1,180 kg (2,601 lb). Its monocoque weighs just 75 kilos (165 Ib), no wonder it sets of like a missile. 0-62 mph took just 3,2 seconds (remember this was back in 2006, a time before Godzilla’s and other supercars) and the acceleration didn’t stop. 0-200 km/h (124 mph) took 9.3 seconds. The sprint 0-300 km/h (186 mph) is finished in just 24.9 seconds.
I was lucky to get a peek at the interior before I was given the full tour of the magnificent car. If I remember correct it was Fred Mannerfelt, who showed me the CCR when I arrived at the showroom an early morning. Excellent service, and there were several other nice cars to admire.

Later that day I also visited the lemurs of Skansen Zoo. But the CCR was on my mind all that day. And it was an absolute joy to feel, and to have a look at the orange interior, the black seats with orange cross stitching and the big telephone like dial on the center console. There were Carbon fiber as long as the eye could see, and a thick steering wheel. Damn, did I want this car.

This is an extremely fast car. It can do 241 mph (388 km/h). Only 14 were made. Photo: Johan Åhlund

In the workshop, Callisma also had a white Koenigsegg CCX (49 made in total), soon to be delivered to a happy owner. At the MPH-show in Stockholm in 2009 the white CCX, with Peter Sundfeldt behind the wheel scared the living daylights out of the audience when he suddenly revved it up, and let it roar.

Koenigsegg made just 14 of these. Since then, the factory has taken a quantum leap in developement and offers some of the most advanced hypercars available. Insanely fast cars, like the Agera, Agera R, Agera RS, Regera and the remarkable Koenigsegg One:1. If you thought the CCR was quick, the One:1 is capable of 0–400 km/h (248 mph) in 20 sec. The top speed is bonkers, 432km/h (268 mph). It´s also very beautiful.

At the end of the day, I still had a smile on my face. The lemurs at the zoo were nice and fun, but I think I dreamed about that car for days when I got home. I still do. I wonder what kind of roads it drives these days.

Text & Photo : Johan Åhlund

Why don’t you visit the Koenigsegg homepage? Or perhaps you might want to visit Callisma AB for more exciting cars? Im also on DriveTribe. Follow this link and scroll down to see the posts.

Car quiz – What car is this?

What car is this? Photo by Johan Åhlund

Can you tell, by this interior picture what kind of car this is?

Let me give you some hints: The car is extremely practical, very minimalistic, has ultrathin hammock-style seats made of metal tubing and a tidy speedometer. It’s also has a sun roof, and a tiny engine that delivers 18 horsepower. If you are brave enough, and lucky, you might reach a staggering 59 mph/h. It’s just 52 years old and works like a clock. What car is it? Please comment if you might know…

Text & Photo : Johan Åhlund
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BMW 700 Coupé – Love at first sight

It´s really a nice looking car, the BMW 700. This one is made in 1961. Photo: Johan Åhlund

It´s really a nice looking car, the BMW 700. This one is made in 1961. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Suddenly she stood right in front of me. Again. A few years ago, I had seen her on another classic car meeting. The first time I saw her, it was love at first sight. She was a tiny red BMW 700 Coupé. A small sports car, with a tiny engine. Although her small engine did sound pretty nice, in general she seemed to be in good condition. Someone had taken care of her. Despite the fact that she was made in Germany back in 1961. That’s a long time ago.

Well, it’s time to start talking about her as a car. Of course, this BMW 700 Coupé has got some new parts and guessingly a whole lot of love during its 55 year life. And it has earned them. The 700 Coupé was designed by the now legendary Giovanni Michelotti, and it impressed a lot of potential buyers in early 1959 when they saw photos of BMW´s new replacement model for the tired old BMW 600.

The rear, with the beautiful logo and bonnet. Photo: Johan Åhlund

The rear, with the beautiful logo and bonnet. Photo: Johan Åhlund

BMW 700 Coupé also seemed to fit as a race car. Not only as a daily driver. And it was a success on in rally’s and on the racetracks. The RS-model had an impressive 70 horsepower, and it was light, weighing just 1,323 lb.

BMW 700 Coupé weighing only 640 kilos, and packs a whopping 32 horsepower. Photo:  Johan Åhlund

BMW 700 Coupé weighing only 640 kilos, and packs a whopping 32 horsepower. Photo: Johan Åhlund

As you can see, the lines are very beautiful. Especially in red, with red and beige interior. The dashboard is just right patinated and contains only the absolute essentials. The seats are small and thin. The steering wheel as well, and its floor-mounted four-speed gear selector and the fully independent and improved suspension made it a fun car to drive. No wonder that the owner seemed to be very happy when he stepped out of the little car.

BMW 700 Coupé and it´s performance?

The engine was a normally aspirated 697 cc (43 cui) twin cylinder petrol engine with carburetors and four valves. It was placed in the back and the car was had rear wheel drive. BMW had earlier used the engine in their motorcycles, but found it a perfect fit for the 700 Coupé.

Is was available in either 30, 32 or 40 HP. However, 40 HP was only found in 700 Sport Coupe.

BMW 700 Coupe interior. With a nice Blaupunkt radio. Excellent design. Photo by Johan Åhlund 742px

BMW 700 Coupe interior. With a nice Blaupunkt radio. Excellent design. Photo by Johan Åhlund 742px

The car in this article is an ordinary BMW 700 Coupé. With 32 horsepower (24 Kw), it’s not a Ferrari competitor. But thanks to small dimensions, light weight (only 640 kilos) it actually was quite fast. And fun to drive. There is no problem to reach 70 mph/h. You just need to wait a little to get there, 0-60 took at least 32 seconds. But who cares about performance when it comes to this little beauty? It’s a little gem, and in fact the 700 saved BMW from bankruptcy when it was new. These days it’s a true and rare little car. It makes me glad when I see it. Although it’s a very rare sight. There are some for sale, sometimes. Take a look for used BMW 700 here.

Text & Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Dodge Power Wagon – Woodys urläckra pick-up

Dodge Power Wagon - Foto Luke Ray

Dodge Power Wagon – Foto Luke Ray

Oj vad länge sedan det var jag senast postade ett inlägg här. Jag har helt enkelt haft fullt upp, och har dessutom just färdigställt mitt nästan nyrenoverade kök. Hemmabion i vardagsrummet har också fått lite mer kärlek, mörkläggningsgardiner, kalibrering av projektorn och lite annat som borgar för perfekta filmkvällar nu när det börjar bli ruskigt väder ute. Well. Idag såg jag en himla läcker pick-up i mitt instagramflöde. En helrätt designad klassisk Dodge Power Wagon från 1977, inte så lite påminnande om den radiostyrda Big Brute som jag drömde om när jag var liten.

En Dodge Power Wagon har nog aldrig sett tuffare ut

Dodge Power Wagon - Foto Luke Ray

Dodge Power Wagon – Foto Luke Ray

Hur som helst så har Woody på Sneakerfreaker som äger bilen verkligen hittat rätt. Den är preppad med en hel del spännande delar och ser i sin maffiga muskelbilslackering brutalt häftig ut. Bilderna är tagna av Luke Ray och reportaget finns även att läsa i Fuel Magazine #10. Precis som väntat berättar Woody att den har aerodynamik som en skithus byggt av tegelsten och att den 7.4 liter stora V8:an inte är något under av ekonomi, men vilket charmtroll…

Text : Johan Åhlund – Foto : Luke Ray via Fuel Magazine

Ferrari 488 GTB – Vass runt ringen

Ferrari 488 GTB är enligt wiki den snabbaste gatlegala Ferrarin på Nurburgrings Nordschleife. Den har klarat varvet på fina 7.21.00 och då var det tyska Auto Zeitung som stod för rekordnoteringen. Nu har kollegorna på Sport Auto försökt att matcha tiden, med testredaktör Christian Gebhardt bakom ratten satte man fart längs den fantastiska banan och resultatet ser vi i YouTubeklippet ovan. Det blev visserligen inget nytt rekord, men man satte tiden 7:21.63 vilket ju är riktigt snabbt. Som jämförelse klarar en Golf Gti Mk5 från 2005 och 200 hästar under huven varvet på 08:53.00.

Ferrari 488 är den snabbaste Ferrarin runt ringen

När det gäller andra Ferraribilar så konstaterar jag lite snabbt att:
Ferrari Enzo (V12 med 660 hk) tog sig runt på 07:25.21
Ferrari 458 Italia (V8 med 570 hk) klarade varvet på 07:32.92 (vassaste tiden satt av Sascha Bert)
Ferrari 430 Scuderia (V8 med 510 hk hk) klarade varvet på 07:39.00
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 07:47.00 (V12 med 620 hk) tog sig runt på 07:47.00
Ferrari F430 F1 (V8, 490 hk) klarade varvet på 07:55.00
Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale f1 (V8, 425 hk) rundade varvet på 07:56.00

Ferrari 488 GTB vilar sig i trevlig slottsmiljö. Foto: Johan Åhlund

Ferrari 488 GTB vilar sig i trevlig slottsmiljö. Foto: Johan Åhlund

Snabbaste gatlegala bil runt Nordschleife är en Radical SR8 (fast det är väl egentligen ingen gatbil, med ett tävlingsredskap) som dominerar med tiden 06:48.00. Snabb är den i alla fall.

Text : Johan Åhlund : Foto : Johan Åhlund

Battledrift – Mustang mot Lamborghini i Niigata

Drifting har verkligen blivit populärt de senaste åren. Oftast i vråltrimmade japanska bilar. Men ibland händer det att man stöter på ett YouTubeklipp med det lilla extra. Battledrift är ett sånt.

Vaughn Gittin Jr´s nya Ford Mustang. En ruskigt läcker driftraket. Foto: Dima Media/

Vaugnh Gittin Jr´s Ford Mustang. En ruskigt läcker driftraket. Foto: Dima Media/

Vaughn Gittin Jr har åkt till Niigata i Japan med sin ytterst potenta Ford Mustang, den femliter stora V8:an är uppumpad till 550 hästar och går som ett spjut. Det gör även hans motståndare, den japanske driftinglegenden Daigo Saito´s bil. Daigo har lagt en förmögenhet på en mycket svulstig Lamborghini Murcielago som fått sig ett läckert spoilerpaket från välkända Liberty Walk och lite annat godis från Fat Five racing.

Battledrift – V8 vs V12

För att kunna drifta har man kasserat fyrhjulsdriften och sett till att bilen driver på bakhjulen. Motorn skickar enligt Fat Five själva ner 600 hästar i backen och lita på att det går undan, även om det går brett. Man kör en slinga genom det som kallas The Russian Village och det ser riktigt häftigt ut. Vilken föredrar du? Amerikanska muskler eller italienskt temperament?
Text : Johan Åhlund – Foto Dima Media via

Jaguar F-Pace: Vad tycker proffsen?

Så kom den då, bilen som många längtat efter. Vi pratar om Jaguars bidrag till SUV-segmentet, Jaguar F-Pace. På pappret en lovande bil med ovanligt lyckad design, vilket i och för sig inte är något nytt för just Jaguar. Men att designa en suv så att den blir estetiskt tilltalande är aningen svårare än att designa en sportbil, och här har Jaguar lyckats bra. F-Pace sticker ut i mängden och speciellt i någon av Jaguars metallickulörer. Jaguarformerna syns och det verkar som om ingenjörerna har varit måna om att skapa en sportig touch med inbyggd körglädje.

Det gör man på olika sätt, men ett par bra sådana är att använda hyggligt mycket med lätta material så vikten håller sig hyfsat låg. Detta kombineras mycket fördelaktigt i kombination med en pigg motor med tillräcklig effekt, en effektiv drivlina samt ett chassi som är lagom avstämt. Hur det blir med alla dessa faktorer får vi se i dessa fyra tester där motorjournalisterna tar en provtur. Initialt ser det ut som F-Pace har ett bra utgångsläge.

Konkurrensen klassen sportiga och lyxiga suvar är stenhård. Deltagare som Porsche Cayenne, Maserati Levante, Mercedes GL AMG, Bentley Bentayga, Range Rover, Infinity QX80 och Cadillac Escalade vill gärna ha en stor del av kakan. Sedan finns ju även den mäkta populära Audi Q7, som många uppskattar.

Motormässigt kommer F-Pace med fyra alternativ

Två bensinare på tre liter med kompressor som ger antingen 340 eller 380 hästkrafter. Dieselmotorerna är på två respektive tre liter och levererar antingen 180 eller 300 hästkrafter. Den stora dieseln lär vara en riktig råstark maskin med gott om mustigt vridmoment. Här snackar vi om användbara muskler och förutom 300 hästar ger motorn hela 700 Nm. Dessutom är den riktigt snabb. 0-100 km/h klaras av på 6,2 sekunder och den toppar hela 241 km/h. Alla F-Pace utan den lilla dieseln har fyrhjulsdrift.

Nyfiken? Gå då in på Jaguars svenska hemsida och kika vidare på F-Pace
Text : Johan Åhlund – Foto : Jaguar